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 Our value flows from the intelligent integration of our business model and yours.

Our value flows from the eleven (11) core capabilities that we integrate within our client's sales processes and business model:

Industry Knowledge:  The "real-life" lessons we've learned from suppporting hundreds of clients over the past twenty (20) years enable us to identify (a) what elements will determine a program's success; (b) what items will distinguish a program within a specific marketplace and (c) what activites drive a program's performance.  Simply stated, we know what works and what doesn't and we put this knowledge to work for you.

Advanced Technology:  Our "Plus" platform enables us to efficiently: (a) originate credit applications; (b) establish credit lines; (c) authorize and process qualified transactions; (d) manage quotes and contracts; (e) settle and expedite funding, as well as (f) provide detailed reporting across all elements of your program.  Our workflow system ensures that all transactions are processed quickly and accurately and that your sales representatives and your customers receive real-time updates as their transactions progress through our financing process.

Comprehensive Solutions:  We offer private-label and co-branded financial programs that enable our clients to grow their businesses by providing their customers with a wide-range of payment options and positive customer experiences.  Our TermsPlus™ and LeasePlus™ programs are ideal for commercial and government customers who are interested in short-term and long-term financing.  Our MatrixPlus™ and XpressPlus™ offerings are short-term financing solutions that enable your consumer customers to pay for things at the end of a billing cycle or to carry a balance forward over a period of time. All of our offerings feature flexible terms and conditions, simple, easy-to-understand contracts and the professional service and support that both you and your customers deserve.

World-Class Partners:  We've developed strong, long-term business relationships with hundreds of funding sources operating in North, South and Central America.  We know their individual strengths and we know their individual weaknesses.  And we've developed the ability to integrate their collective capabilities into our "Plus" platform to provide you with the comprehensive offerings and competitive rates you need to be successful.  And the best part?  We manage all of these funding source relationships for you on your behalf, so you can concentrate on expanding your business and not on managing your suppliers. 

Superior Support:  Sales representatives are rarely financing experts.  That's why we do all the "heavy lifting" for them.  We handle all credit applications, we prepare all quotes and proposals, we answer all customer questions, we issue all transaction authorizations and we follow up with every customer to verify that they have received and properly signed the required paperwork to complete a transaction.  We do what has to be done so your sales representative can do what needs to be done - sell more products and services.

Operational Excellence:  Speed, simplicity and support - those are the cornerstones of all of our financing programs.  Our people, our processes and our systems all work together to deliver optimal program performance.  Our Finance Service Representatives work hand-in-hand with your sales representatives to answer customer questions, generate quotes and proposals and handle all paperwork.  We designed our contracts so that they are easy to understand and easy to execute.  Our "Plus" platform facilitates the rapid exchange of transaction  information and streamlines the entire financing process without sacrificing accuracy or data integrity.  You see, we believe that by eliminating unnecessary obstacles and activities, we can deliver a positive customer experience every time we are engaged on a transaction.

Strategic Planning:
  Sustained performance is the result of operational excellence and insightful planning.  We know what determines program success and program failure.  As such, we sit down with you and your team to analyze your program's overall performance on a quarterly basis.  After reviewing a variety of measurements,  we collectively map out the sales, marketing and program initiatives that need to be implemented to deliver optimal results. Today's planning equals tomorrow's results!

Program Reporting:  "Measure, monitor and manage everything!"  That's our mantra.  Accordingly, we look at a suite of performance indicators on a daily basis.  We track sales participation, promotional activities, approval rates, close rates, transaction size and service levels across all financial products offered and all segments supported within your program.  This level of detailed information provides us with the objective insights we need to establish realistic objectives and program strategies to drive performance. 

Marketing & Promotions:  Customer can't take advantage of a financing program if they aren't aware of it.  Sales representatives won't discuss a financing program unless they have easy-to-use materials that clearly articulate its features, functions and benefits.  We understand these dynamics and can provide you with awareness materials and customer deliverables that succinctly communicate your program's offerings and value. 

Scalable Resources:  Hiring internal resources to staff your financing program is an expensive proposition for any company to undertake.  That's one of the reasons why so many companies have turned to LGI.  We can provide you with knowledge resources, systems infrastructure and superior processing capabilities that you can't duplicate using internal resources.  By utilizing us as your financing provider, your organization receives all of the benefits of an in-house organization without burdening your "bottom-line" with the expense and responsibilities of managing permanent employees.

Innovation & Passion:  We are financing experts and we pride ourselves on finding creative ways to serve our clients and solve their problems.  Throughout our history, we've developed many items that were innovative at the time and have now become industry standards today.  Things like: EDI transmitted credit decisions in 1989, dashboard reporting in 1991; fax signatures in 1993; Internet enabled workflow management systems in 1999 and Latin America call center financing in 2000.  If you have a problem that we can solve, we'll find a way to get it done.