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We respect and honor your privacy. 

Thank you for visiting the LGI Financial Solutions (LGI) web site. We have designed our Privacy Policy to inform you about our current data collection processes and how we use the information we collect. From time to time, LGI may, without notice, modify or eliminate all or a portion of this Privacy Policy.

Personal / Company Information:  We collect personal / company information through our Contact Us web page. This page is designed to provide us with some introductory information about your business.  We use this information to assist us identify the products and services that your organization may require from LGI. We treat all of this information as private and confidential and use it only to help us design customer financing solutions that will fit your business requirements.

Limited Access:  Our internal policies restrict access to the information we collect via our Contact Us web page to those employees who need the information to fulfill their responsibilities. We require all of our employees to treat this collected information as private and confidential.

No Share Policy:  We will not share any information with any nonaffiliated third parties except under the following conditions:

  • In accordance with the LGI Privacy Policy
  • To facilitate and complete client initiated inquiries and / or requests
  • To comply with domestic or international laws, including credit reporting laws & card association rules
  • To combat fraud
  • To offer products and services in association with LGI Financial Solutions

Other Links:  The LGI Financial Solutions web site links to third-party web sites. LGI Financial Solutions is not responsible for the content or privacy policies employed by these third-party web sites. Our links do not connote an endorsement of nor do we warrant the utility or workmanship of the products and services offered at these third-party web sites. They are provided solely as a convenience for you.

Questions:  If you have questions or comments about the LGI Financial Solutions Privacy Policy, please contact:

LGI Financial Solutions
1501 South MoPac Expressway
Suite 150
Austin, TX 78746